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Our lawyer will help you prepare the required documentation. We will provide sworn translation of the documents and arrange a visit to the customs office to apply and provide you with assistance on the day of application, after which we will represent you throughout process until a decision is reached.

Consulting services

In cooperation with our team of experts, we offer a wide range of consulting services. In addition to your solicitor, we provide professional support of an accountant and tax adviser, insurance broker and credit counselor.

Real estate

We advise on the purchase of real estate in Poland, representing clients in front of public administrative bodies responsible for issuing the appropriate approvals and contracts with developers and real estate purchase agreements.


We audit and optimize the scope of insurance coverage, negotiate insurance terms and gather and compare insurance offers in order to recommend the best solution.

Business/ Company

We advise on the creation of new legal entities by helping with setting up partnerships, capitals, as well as foundations and associations, with particular regard to the legal situation of third country nationals.


We advise on determining the proper tax residence and the scope of tax liabilities in Poland, helping prepare annual tax returns and establish the appropriate legislation for social security purposes.

Family law

We advise on aspects of the law applicable to marrying, the joint will of spouses of different nationalities, in the case of inheritance complications of spouses or family members.

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