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Stay card

The support of an experienced agency not only minimizes the risk of negative office decisions, but can also significantly speed up the process: Knowledge of the law and practices applied in individual voivodeship offices allows for efficient communication with the administrative body, and proper preparation of customer documentation, preventing the prolongation of the settlement of the case.

EXLEGAL represents foreigners in matters of obtaining a permit to stay in Poland in offices in Wrocław, Cracow, Opole and Katowice. We provide comprehensive legal counsel, as well as a full concierge package:

  • choice of legal basis
  • completing the application
  • help in gathering the required documentation
  • purchase of the translation of documents
  • booking an appointment at the office
  • assisting during the fingerprinting process
  • correspondence with the office

During the proceedings, the foreigner’s participation is limited to the minimum necessary. We make sure that the procedure interferes with the lives of customers in the least way possible and does not interfere with their work.